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Using an MLM Broker in 2020 to grow your downline

MLM Brokers - Using an MLM Broker in 2020 to grow your downline

What to look for in an MLM Broker

There is a unique catagory of business professionals referred to as MLM Brokers, or also called Network Marketing Brokers. They can help you add large volumes of network marketers into your mlm downline.

If you're looking to buy an MLM downline, you might want to hire a MLM Broker to assist you in the process. This is someone who specializes in the network marketing industry. You could also hire a business broker, but I would really suggest someone who specializes in network marketing. Because most business brokers don't focus on network marketing at all.

What Does an MLM Broker Do? 
You might be wondering what a MLM Broker does. Basically, they will find you a pre build, ready made downline that you plug into the network marketing business that you're involved in now. In many cases, your MLM Broker might have large downlines ranging into the thousands of members. 

They understand the rules, issues, concerns and important aspects of buying a downline. They make sure you find the downline you need quickly and easily, and they look out for your best interests, just like any professional you would hire does when you need professional level services. 

Why People Sell Downlines 
• Divorce • Death • Major life changes • Desire to pursue new interests • Desire to change companies • Loss of interest in MLM or specific company 

Why People Buy MLM Downlines 
• Quickest way to build a large team • They have the money to do so • They want to start a new business without starting at ground zero • They want to! 

Tips for Buyers 
• Verify, verify, verify • Hire a an mlm broker such as • Carefully review what they're offering • You should already be involved in a network marketing business that you've signed up with

• Understand your rights and responsibilities in hiring the MLM Broker • Do research on the company such as googling there name • Follow the Brokers professional guidance and allow them to assist you.

Recommended Network Marketing Brokers: - Allows you to secure a downline of up to 5000 network marketers to add to your network marketing business. Available to both mlm company corporate owners, as well as the regular downline distributors who are seeking to add new people to their current downlines. 

Best MLM & Network Marketing Companies of 2020

Best MLM & Network Marketing Companies of 2020 - Add 5000 people to your downline in under 30 days.



MLM Health Companies of interest

1. Amway #1 pick in overall companies
• Amway’s has a proven history – chasing fads is not the wisest choice for newbies – use tried and true companies.
• Amway is the #1 selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements, in the top 5 selling premium skincare brands, and millions in annual charitable donations.
• Amway is staying ahead of the curve – unlike other brands who continue to use network marketing models that have been long gone, amway charges ahead in providing ibo with internet friendly tools, resources, and promotion techniques.

2. Forever living
• These companies are optimal because they offer products in a wide range or health, home, and beauty products. This makes these companies a good fit for building an actual business and not just promoting a limited range of products.
Just health for Network Marketing

1. Plexus worldwide
• Supports simplicity with a core group of products that is simple to use and promote.
• Simple and effective compensation plan.
• Trending in very positive direction compared to competition. (especially considering their age)
• Leading edge products that are unique, consumer aware, plus they support ambassadors with an ambassador board

2. 4life
• Tested by numerous third parties and independent college studies
• Unique transfactor technology gives their products a boost in originality and true performance advantages
• One of the top compensation plans and honestly my favorite
• Top of the line health + sports nutrition product lines
Pitfalls of MLM Companies health products
• Health requires that you are willing to learn the industry and not just sales.
• You must become health conscious and be willing to be a product of the product.

Essential oils

1. Doterra

2. Forever living

3. Young living
Essential oil MLM Companies pros & cons as primary MLM company
• High product net value
• Popular and trending now
• They seem to receive rave reviews
• How often are customers purchasing?
• Do customer really need or want essential oils enough to continue long term purchasing?
• Great as an add on product or company.
Just beauty for MLM

1. Younique
• Quality and chemical conscious.
• Product simplicity – beauty at its core.

2. Avon
• Industry proven and time tested
• Multiple product lines and fashion accessories

3. Mary kay
• Industry proven and time tested
• Multiple product lines and fashion accessories
Beauty MLM Companies pros & cons
• High consumer need – daily use and high percentage of females utilize some form of daily beauty products.
• If you’re a fashionista then you could go a long way with beauty as your main/only product.
• How often are customers purchasing?
• Product net value is not optimal.
• Great as an add on product or company.

Anti aging for MLM
1. Jeunesse
2. Nerium
Anti-aging MLM Companies pros & cons
• You can seemingly stop signs of aging and improve age related ailments.
• How often are customers purchasing?
• Seriously what is the potential for market penetration.
• Difficult to sale and maintain repeat customers.
• Great as an add on product or company.

Service based MLM Companies

1. Ambit energy
• The energies industry in the united states is now deregulated – what that means – consumers have a choice
• Cost savings plus additional consumer incentives to boot

2. Legal shield
• The most unique, ingenious, and only product of its kind. . . Period
• Legal services provided at a low monthly flat fee – like insurance – and use it when needed
• Identity protection
• Business programs

best network marketing companies of 2020.
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